Runners’ Questionnaire / Completion Certificates

Thank you very much for participating in Kyoto Marathon 2020.
We hope you had enjoyed your time in Kyoto.
The people of Kyoto were captivated and moved by all you runners, who worked so hard to participate in the Kyoto Marathon.

Today, we would like to send you some updated information from Kyoto Marathon 2020.

【Runners’ Questionnaire 】
We are conducting a questionnaire to better reflect your voices for the next Kyoto Marathon. We would be grateful for your cooperation.
Based on the previous year’s questionnaire, we added number of toilet to fit runners demand.
We would appreciate it if you could click on the following URL to answer the questionnaire.

//Due date// 20th March 2020 23:59(JST)

【Completion Certificates】
Your certificate is available for download from the following URL.

On the finishers certificate is your official time (gross time), net time that was recorded from the time you crossed the start line to finish line, and split times that were taken every 5km.

We are looking forward to your entry and seeing you again at the Kyoto Marathon 2021.