Commemorative gift design for ONLINE KYOTO MARATHON 2021 unveiled

The design for   "ONLINE KYOTO MARATHON 2021" commemorative gift for every participant has been finalized!
This year, each Kyoto Marathon runner will receive a "Multi-Way Cover" to commemorate his/her run. Proudly bearing the CW-X brand of Wacoal Corp. (Kyoto Marathon 2021 Gold Partner), this special gift features an original design for this year's event.
Neck wrap, bandana, wristband - it can be used in various ways, such as insulating runners against the cold on the day of the event, or protecting against sunburn by reducing penetration of ultraviolet rays during summer months.

The Multi-Way Cover you have received features an Ichimatsu checkerboard design of the number 10 in celebration of the 10th meet of KYOTO MARATHON. Because the pattern repeats itself over and over, the Ichimatsu checkered pattern is considered as a symbol of "lasting prosperity."

Though we cannot welcome you all to Kyoto, we are with you in spirit. We sincerely hope that the COVID-19 pandemic will be over soon so that we can meet again in Kyoto, tougher and happier than ever.

*We are planning to deliver the gifts in late-March.