Let's Vote - Vote for Your Preferred Finisher's Medal Design on SNSs

This year again, we need your input on which design to use for the medal that will be given away to finishers of Online Kyoto Marathon.

We have prepared two excellent designs that every runner will eagerly eye.Just "Like" the one that you prefer. The winner will be decided by the numbers of "Likes" on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined.

Whether you are going through a different Kyoto Marathon experience this year, or you are going to run 42.195 km because it's virtual, we hope that all participants witll get this special medal.

You don't need to run Online Kyoto Marathon to vote.
We invite you all to freely "Like" your favorite design!

Voting period: From 10:00, Monday, November 2 to 17:00, Tuesday, November 10

*To vote, you need an account for the SNS you wish to vote with.
*Voting closes at 17:00, Tuesday, November 10. "Likes" added after that will not be counted.
*The images are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that the colors may differ slightly in the actual medal.
*The finisher's medal will be sent to finishers after the meet.

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【Plan A】
In the motif of a Möbius strip, a surface with one continuous face, the finisher's medal for the 10th Kyoto Marathon reaffirms that we are together as one in spirit, even though COVID-19 has forced us apart physically. With the design of nanten heavenly bamboo, which is said to drive off hardships, in the bamboo-shaped Arabic number 10, this apotropaic memento wards off evil fortune as a powerful guardian for runners and hopefully ushers in the time when humanity will overcome the pandemic.

▲Plan A
▲Plan A

【Plan B】
Drawn like the ripples in a stone garden, the number "10" for the 10th meet is featured in green - the main color of Kyoto Marathon. The act of creating shapes of ripples and other patterns in stone gardens is part of the ascetic training of the Zen sect, which urges one to quietly look at his/her own heart. This design is ideal for runners of Kyoto Marathon, who, believing in their potential, run the distance with the image of Kyoto's natural landscape in the likeness of a stone garden firmly placed in their mind.

▲Plan B
▲Plan B